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Koolboks provides a reliable and alternative long term storage technique due to the superior insulation and ice battery technology employed in the design.


Koolboks also has installed in it , a PAYGO device. 

It can function as a refrigerator or as a freezer depending on the preference of the user.


Koolboks offers 24-hour refrigeration thanks the free energy of the sun. Koolboks stores energy in the form of ice guaranteeing 4-7 days of cooling without sunlight.

4 Kool Features


The Koolhome is a solar-powered refrigeration solution that generates continuous cooling in the absence of power and sunlight. Customers pay in small installments through a Pay-As-You-Go technology which enables mobile money payments and GSM-based machine-to-machine connectivity to remotely control and monitor the refrigerator’s usage, billing and performance..

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