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Light, Energy, Refrigeration 

Koolboks created an affordable off-grid solution that is able to generate continuous refrigeration for up to 4 days, even in the absence of power and limited sunlight. This we did by storing energy in the form of ice rather than in just batteries. 


The unit can function as a refrigerator or as a freezer. It can also function as a source of lighting for house holds and shops.  

It is meant specifically for offgrid areas. 


It comes with 2 LED lighting bulbs and USB ports for charging mobile phones.

Light, Energy, Refrigeration 
Pay- As- You- Go 

No one should be deprived of refrigeration because of cost.


Koolboks with its innovative embedded paygo technology is able to offer distributors the opportunity to be able to offer the Koolhome freezers on a lease to own to their customers.


Thanks to Koolboks, individuals and shop owners are able to pay in small monthly or weekly installments to own a solar refrigerator. 

Koolboks is currently integrated with Aganza, Paygee and  Solaris. 


PAYG Device

Energy Storage

Energy Storage

We created Ice compartments in the refrigerator cabinets, so during daytime, when the sun is available, which is often the case in Africa, Ice is made in these compartments, and at night, when the sun is no longer available, energy switches internally to the ice, maintaining the temperature of the cabinet till the next day when the sun is available again. 

Thanks to this technology we've been able to bring down the cost of owning an offgrid solar refrigerator by close to 40%.


Integrated Lithium

Koolboks compliment Ice batteries with integrated Lithium-ion batteries.

The lithium batteries are integrated in the freezer giving you a single compact system devoid of messy cables. 

Lithium batteries provide an ideal solution for renewable energy storage.  Their chemistry is often superior to its alternative chemistries, such as lead batteries.

Lithium-ion batteries have high energy density, low maintenance, performance and longevity, and versatility.

Integrated Lithium

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