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Making Refrigeration Affordable and Accessible 

Sun and Water

Cooling with Nature made Affordable 

First Decentralized PAYG Cooling  Solution

The Kool

Our KoolTechnology combines the natural forces of the sun
and water to create eco-friendly, solar refrigeration products for domestic, commercial, and health care use.


Light, Energy, Refrigeration 

Koolboks solves three of the most important needs : Light ,Energy, Refrigeration

Pay- As- You- Go 

With our embeded Pay As You Go device, your customers are able to pay in daily, weekly or monthly installments. 

Koolboks Bulb + Phone_edited_edited.jpg
Kareboks picture 3.jpg

Energy Storage

Koolboks stores energy in two different types of batteries : ICE batteries and Lithium batteries. 

Integrated Lithium

A compact system , devoidof cables and wires. No external batteries, no external charge controller.  Highly secured . All in a single compact system. 


6 Hr Charge

3-4 Days Cooling 

Paygo Integration

Our Happy Customers

“We ultimately have that cooling solution we have  all been waiting for. My customers are very delighted   .”

Mark Andrew

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